Old Morse Code Translator

Please try using the Java Morse Code Translator instead, it is much faster.

Translate with sound On Off
Play Sound

The number of words per minute is calculated using "PARIS " as one word.

Text to Morse Code

Just type in the text as it is. Most punctuation can be translated, see my Morse Code page for a full list.

Morse Code to Text

Morse code must be typed in using "." for a dot and "-" for a dash. Letters have to be separated by spaces and words have to be separated by "/".

e.g. for "SOS SOS" type "... --- ... / ... --- ..."


By default the sound is turned off. You can have a the text or Morse translate (with the sound on or off) or just play the sound of the Morse code. The speed of the sound and file format can be chosen. Please use the compression option if you can as it reduces the sound file size by 100 (this does not work for IE explorer users).