Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabets

Morse Code Translator

The Morse code translator translates to and from Morse code and can play the Morse to you as sound. You can use it to easily share messages with your friends. You have full control over the speed, pitch and volume of the sounds.

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Internet Explorer users may find that the older version of this translator which uses Java produces a better sound, but you will have to enable Java which is often disabled for security reasons.

Morse Code Trainer


This Morse code trainer takes you through a set of exercises to teach you to copy and send Morse code. It is designed to be used by the CWops CW Academy where experts get involved to help coach you.

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Morse Code

A listing of the Morse code, including punctuation, non-English letters, prosigns, Q codes and other common abbreviations.

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Morse Code Transcriber

New! Alpha-test.

This tool lets you try to convert Morse code sound into text. It uses your computer's microphone to listen to the Morse code and attempts to interpret it. Right now it is just an experiment and in no way finished but it's fun to try!

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Phonetic Alphabets

A listing of the more common phonetic alphabets (of the alpha, bravo, charlie type).

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an effort to cut down the number of emails I receive about Morse code. Please read the FAQ before emailing me!

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