Morse Code Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me what [insert some text or sound file here] means?
No, sorry. I don't know Morse code. You might like to try the transcriber to see if it can understand your sound file though.
Can I see the source code?
I am slowly putting various pieces of source code onto Github.
How can I save the sound files on my computer to play again later?
Just press the download button and you will download the sound as a WAV file. Note, this does not work in Internet Explorer.
How long have you been interested in ham radio?
Don't take this the wrong way, but I have no particular interest in ham radio as such and I do not even know Morse code myself! I am happy to provide useful tool to others though as I find the technologies behind the tools interesting to learn and experiment with.
I love your web site and all this morse code stuff. Can I give you lots of money?
Unfortunately this isn't really a frequently asked question! If you would really like to show your appreciation then send a postcard to my address! You can also use the button below:

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